Mavadu/ Vadu Mangai/ Kadukku mangai/ Baby mangoes in brine pickle

I have more than a single reason to be happy. One because mentioned What’s cooking @ Kavita’s kitchen? as one among 10 great food sites to watch this summer. A big thanks to Joyce Alaxander the publisher of Check this out:
The other reason for celebration is my parents are here with me for vacation.So now you will see a lot of recipes cooked by my mom on this space and I’m going to take care of just photographing and blogging about it. Sounds cool doesn’t it? So why the wait? Let’s start right away with the first recipe which is baby mangoes in brine ( salt water) pickle.

Baby mangoes- 6 cups
Salt-1 cup
Mustard – 3/4 cup
Chilli powder- 1 cup
Whole turmeric-2 inch pieces/ 2 teaspoons turmeric powder

Wash the mangoes well and transfer to a colander.Wipe them with a  clean cloth and allow to air dry.
Transfer the mangoes into a big jar. Add salt and keep it aside for 8-10 days tossing them atleast once every day.
Once the mangoes are soaked well this way, you will see them completely shrunk and covered with the brine. Note that you do not need to add any water .
Now ,grind the mustard, turmeric and chilli powder adding the brine little at a time and your pickle mixture is ready.
Now mix the mangoes with the pickled mixture and store in an air tight container.
This pickle is best enjoyed with yoghurt rice.


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