How to make ghee from unsalted butter

How to make ghee from unsalted butter

OK so we are back to some basics in cooking. Making ghee from unsalted butter is absolutely easy. Plus the aroma, texture and the taste of homemade ghee is unparalleled . You can watch the  making of Ghee from unsalted butter on my You tube channel. To read the steps to make ghee read on…

  1.  I use Land O lakes unsalted butter. You can use any brand of unsalted butter.
  2.  Add the butter sticks to a heavy bottomed pan over a medium flame on gas.
  3. Let the butter melt completely. Then start stirring the liquid itermittently.
  4. After few minutes you will find the fats and the milk solids separating from the liquid. Continue stirring.
  5. In a few more minutes the mixture would turn extremely foamy and the sides start turning golden brown. At this point you need to stay really alert .
  6. Once the foaming and bubbling has almost ceased turn off the gas. You don’t want to burn/ over brown your ghee beyond this point!
  7. I like to add 3-4 curry leaves to enhance the aroma.
  8. Allow the liquid to cool and filter the contents .
  9. Store in a clear container at room temperature.
This is how it looks after it has cooled down..

Look at the texture and the taste is absolutely amazing!

Try making your own ghee and let us know the comments here and do like our You tube video. Also don’t forget to like our Facebook page.


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