Bhel puri recipe

Bhel puri recipe

Bhel puri is a mouth watering chat made out of puffed rice, raw chopped vegetables and a combination of spicy, sour and sweet chutneys. The roadside versions in India especially in Mumbai and Delhi are very popular.

It is easy to prepare and very tasty and filling, making it one of my favorites.


1.      Prepare the spicy chutney first (Spicy cilantro (coriander/ dhania) and mint (pudina) chutney recipe):
·         Cilantro-1 bunch
·         Mint -1/4th bunch
·         ginger- a small piece
·         garlic- 2 cloves
·         green chillies as per taste
·         a very tiny piece of tamarind
·         salt to taste
Mix all the ingredients and grind to a smooth paste adding very little water if required. This chutney can also be used in sev puris and sandwiches.
2.      Next prepare the Sweet & Sour chutney
You will need 12-15 pitted dates and Tamarind (about the size of a lemon) soaked in water for about 20 minutes. Grind them into a smooth paste and add water as required. This chutney can also be used for other chats like sev puri and pan puri.
3.      Now for the bhel
·         Puffed Rice(Mamara)
·         Thick Sev
·         Fine Sev (for garnishing)
·         Flat Puris (8-10)
·         1 Onion finely chopped
·         1 Tomato finely chopped
·         1 small potato (boiled and mashed)
·         1/2 Raw mango finely chopped (optional)
·         cilantro
·         chopped green chillies ( or red chilli powder)
·         salt
·         chat masala
·         Spicy chutney
·         Sweet and Sour chutney
Break the flat puris and mix the puffed rice and thick sev to make the basic bhel mix. Alternatively, you may choose to use the prepackaged bhel mix available in most Indian grocery stores.
Add the finely chopped onion, tomato, raw mango and boiled potato to the bhel mix and mix the ingredients nicely.
Add the chopped green chillies (or red chilli powder), salt as per taste and a teaspoon of chat masala.
Coat the bhel with the red and green chutneys and mix all the ingredients very well. The chutneys should cover the entire mixture but should not be dripping and trickling.
Garnish with cilantro and fine sev and voila your bhel is all set to be devoured



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