Hi, I’m Kavita and I’m an licensed tax practitioner by profession. I live with my husband, Krishnan and two boys, Sharan and Shrey in New Jersey, USA.

I started blogging 12 years back on blogger-What’s cooking @ Kavita’s kitchen? That was when I had just moved to the US with my husband and elder son, to keep myself busy and also as a medium to document recipes which I cooked and baked very passionately. Fast forward to a few years ahead and I gave birth to my second son. I also started working full time when he turned two. Now, at that point, forget blogging, even my cooking went to the back burner. A lot of week days, I struggled to cook a decent meal and to add to all this, my second kid turned out very picky. As I struggled, I realized that the main concern was deciding what to cook during each meal time especially evening dinners? What would be nutritious as well as ready quickly, preferably under 30 minutes. Slowly, I started strategizing by planning my meals in the weekend, meal prepping and joining various groups for moms with picky eaters. So while it is still the most challenging task for me to please my picky eater, I have come a long way in terms of making week day cooking manageable and less stressful. It was very important for me to organize and document all this in one place for me to access and also to help other moms…And  I thought what better place than a blog for that?

Tadka means tempering in hindi. Tempering is a vital step especially in Indian cooking. So tadkatime literally translates to time for tempering. What you will find in my blog is mostly vegetarian and vegan appropriate meals which are easy to cook using instant pot or stovetop and some meal prep ideas. I also like baking, so you will find those posts frequently.

I would love to hear from you and you can get in touch with me at itstadkatime@gmail.com

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